With years of experience working with charter schools — from single-site schools to large charter management organizations (CMOs) — SchoolMint understands your environment. We’ll optimize your system for your requirements and your recruitment, application, lottery, and registration processes.
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  • Smarter Applications and Lotteries

    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint
    Administer your applications online and take the pain out of lotteries with an automated system that is fair and transparent. Save costs and save staff and families countless hours while providing 24/7 access to forms and data as well as the ability to check application and waitlist status in real time. Improve data accuracy and integrity with autocorrect and auto-populate, SIS integration, and audit logs. Parents submit their student’s information, upload required documents, and accept and decline offers, all from their own mobile devices. You can even process fee payments online.

    Streamlined Registration and Re-Enrollment

    registration and re-enrollment for charter schools
    After the lottery is completed and offers have been made and accepted, you can easily manage every part of registration and re-enrolling returning students through one secure online location. Submissions are simplified for families and administrators with custom registration packets and auto-populated re-enrollment forms — all online and paper free. Real-time tracking and analytics give administrators a high-level view of where students are in the registration process, and communication templates help centralize family communications.

    Powerful Digital Forms and Documents

    online forms and documents for charter schools
    Go paperless all year and manage all of your forms and student documents — not just at enrollment time. With easy form-building tools and intuitive forms management, along with parents’ ability to upload documents like student health records and birth certificates, you’ll have an automated, more efficient way to gather and manage the information you need. Real-time synchronization across the SchoolMint system means you’ll have cleaner, more up-to-date, and more consistent information that you can access securely at any time.

    Other Charter School Features


    track family interest

    School Recruitment Interest Tracker

    Manage your growth more effectively and plan your recruitment efforts by getting better visibility into who is interested in which of your schools, and why. Then track and stay and touch with interested families, and get actionable insights into which of your recruitment efforts are most effective.



    automatically assign

    Mobile Access for Parents

    Families can use a mobile app or their computer to submit applications and upload documents — even for multiple children. The can also accept offers, register, withdraw, decline, and track their child’s waitlist status.



    standard forms

    Letters of Recommendation

    Collect letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors on behalf of students. Recommenders are notified by email and can submit their letter online through a secure form.




    accept payment
    Fee Payments
    Build fee assessments into your application and registration packets, and accept payment for any fees throughout the year with SchoolMint’s built-in payment processor. Parents always know what is due and can submit payments through their mobile devices.




    manage events

    Events & RSVP Tracker

    Invite families to open houses, tours, and other events, and parents can RSVP right from their smartphones. Track and manage RSVPs to better plan for event attendee numbers.



    send parents emails text message mail letters

    Parent Communications

    Send emails, text messages, and voice messages to individual families, targeted groups, or everyone in the charter system. Use templates to save time, and see details about all parent interactions in the communications log.


    SIS Integration

    send student information to SIS
    Everything in SchoolMint — applications, registration forms, and other digital forms and documents — is designed to seamlessly integrate with leading student information systems (SIS). Your SIS integration is built with data quality checks to help prevent duplicates and data errors, and can even incorporate single sign-on for systems like Google and Clever, so parents and administrators can access SchoolMint and other applications through one login.