Transform education in your city and streamline school choice with a unified application and enrollment process across district and charter schools. SchoolMint understands city school systems and can customize a common enrollment solution. Our fully integrated platform improves efficiency and transparency for your entire process and promotes equitable access to quality education for all students and families in your city.
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  • School Chooser for Managing School Choice

    Unified enrollment opens up more options for students beyond their neighborhood school — and more options require more information that families can find easily. Make sure school choice in your city is a fair and open process by giving all families an easy way to research schools so they can determine which ones are most suitable for their children. With School Chooser, a user-friendly mobile search tool, parents can search from home or on the go to find everything they need to make informed choices. School searches can be filtered not just by grade and neighborhood, but also by program offering, after-school activities, performance, and more, making it easy for families to quickly compare schools and find the one that’s right for their student.

    Common Applications and Assignments

    Once families have researched schools through the School Chooser, you can offer one streamlined application — no matter how many schools they apply to — that also allows you to manage all city schools on one timeline if you choose. Parents can even use their mobile device to complete the Common Application, check status, manage offers students have received from schools, and view school assignments. Applications can even be translated into other languages. Administrators can track and manage every aspect of applications, waitlists, lotteries and school assignments, and family communications from a unified online platform. Dashboards and robust reports are accessible 24/7, and audit logs help ensure a fair and equitable process is followed for all students.

    Streamlined Registration

    After school matching is completed, each school can customize the registration process to meet their requirements. Registration forms are assembled through the system and completed by parents on their own computers or mobile devices, then families can always check their student’s status online without calling the school. Administrators can view registration data and reports, create, send, and track all communications, and even process registration fees from one system.

    Benefits for City School Systems


    school match and waitlist

    Automated School Matching and Waitlists

    If you use a lottery or school match process, run a transparent process that follows your city’s guidelines, and manage waitlists automatically.




    track family interest

    Interest Tracker & Analytics

    Get better visibility into which schools garner the most interest, and easily analyze family demographics, geographic breakdown, and more.





    collect letters of recommendation

    Letters of Recommendation

    Collect letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors on behalf of students. Recommenders are notified by email and can submit their letter online through a secure form.




    family communications

    Parent Communications

    Communicate with families by email, text message, or voice message. Target individuals, groups, or all schools citywide. Track all parent interactions in the communications log.




    manage events

    Events & School Calendar

    Schedule school choice events and tours, and send invitations to families. Track RSVPs and take attendance, and see which events sparked the most interest in a school or program.




    accept payment

    Fee Payments

    Invoice parents and accept payment for any fees with SchoolMint’s built-in payment processor. Parents always know what is due and can submit payments through their mobile devices.



    SIS Integration

    Everything in SchoolMint — applications, registration forms, and other digital forms and documents — is designed to seamlessly integrate with leading student information systems (SIS). Your SIS integration is built with data quality checks to help prevent duplicates and data errors, and can even incorporate single sign-on for systems like Google and Clever, so parents and administrators can access SchoolMint and other applications through one login.