Digital Forms and Documents

Cut down on paper forms and manual form processing, securely upload and store student documents in the cloud, and have all the information you need at your disposal 24/7.
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Administer All of Your Forms Online
manage forms online

Use SchoolMint to manage your registration forms and any forms you need throughout the year:

  • Field trip permissions
  • Free and reduced-price lunch forms
  • Athletics forms
  • Any other forms that are currently on paper
Build and Manage Custom Forms
Create any custom forms with SchoolMint’s easy yet powerful form-building tools, and parents can complete and submit forms from their smartphone.
Upload Student Documents
Parents can use their mobile device to scan and upload student documents, which are stored securely in the cloud.
Track Forms and Documents
You can track forms completion, route student documents to the appropriate staff, and access data and documents from the cloud at any time.
Build the Forms You Need


build forms
Flexible Form Builder
Add any field you need and adjust the size as appropriate. Make certain fields required for the form to be submittable.





clean data autofill autocomplete autopopulate
Autofilled Standard Fields
Basic information like student name, address, and grade is automatically pre-populated on all forms so parents don’t have to enter it repeatedly.




custom field formats
Custom Field Formats
Set field responses as text boxes, checkboxes, multiple choice selections, dropdowns, or ranking. You can also set fields to request file uploads or prompt parents to enter their e-signature.




Language Translation
Translate forms into another language with the click of a button. SchoolMint can customize your system with a range of language-translation options.



Manage Student Documents
Upload Documents
Student documents like birth certificates, health records, and proof of residence are securely uploaded and stored in electronic format so authorized staff can always access them.
Mobile-Friendly Uploads
Parents can scan student documents or photograph them with their smartphone, then securely upload them from their mobile device or computer.
Document Verification
Administrators can view uploaded documents to be sure they’re legible and correct, then check the Verified box. Once a student’s documents have been verified, they can move forward in the routing process. .
Online Routing
Documents can be routed online to the appropriate staff or department based on student information criteria.
Custom Notes
Administrators can enter any extra notes about student documents or parent interactions, and they can even run reports that show all custom notes for a student or group of students.
Secure Storage and Access
All student documents are stored securely in the cloud — no need to keep track of copies, maintain off-site paper storage, or risk losing important information. And parents don’t have to keep re-submitting the same documents.
Analyze Forms Data
form application school data reports
Real-Time Tracking and Sync
Track forms completion to determine which students are missing information or to identify families that should get personalized communications. New data and changes are instantly synced across your SchoolMint system.
Dashboards and Reports
View the data that parents enter into custom forms through administrator dashboards and custom reports in a variety of easy-to-analyze formats — bar charts, pie charts, tables, and maps. Reports give you the analytics and trends you need to inform year-round decision making.
SIS Integration
Data from SchoolMint forms and documents connects with your student information system (SIS) to keep student data unified, accurate, and up to date. Learn more about SIS integration.
Data Security and Automatic Audit Trail
Robust audit reports present details about every form, parent interaction, or change made to a student’s profile, and all information is secured in a private cloud environment. Learn more about data security.
SIS Integration
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SchoolMint integrates directly with leading student information systems (SIS) and is designed for smooth export and import with all others. By tapping into the power of APIs and capturing data in a way that mirrors SIS structure, SchoolMint helps unify student data, keeping it up to date and error free—no manual entry required.