Moving from paper-based enrollment systems to online solutions not only cuts costs, saves staff hours, and gives school districts better visibility into data. It also eases the burden on today’s smartphone-dependent families by offering them mobile access.
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    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint
    Districts are well aware of the inefficiencies associated with paper-based processes and the challenges of getting registration information to and from busy working parents. With SchoolMint’s custom online solution, your district can administer all forms and information requests online while making the process much easier for families.
    SchoolMint customizes mobile apps for your district so families can complete application and registration forms, check status, and access information through their smartphones — a welcome relief for those families who are among the 25% of Americans who must rely on their phones for Internet access.

    Streamlined Registration and Re-Enrollment

    registration and re-enrollment
    Manage every aspect of new student registration and re-enrollment of returning students in one online system. Assemble every part of registration, forms, and fee payments into one automated, transparent process, and always have up-to-the-minute visibility into the registration status of students. Stay in touch with families throughout registration using text, email, or voice messaging, and easily track missing information as well as every parent interaction. View analytics and explore any data you need with dashboards and reports.

    Simplified School Choice

    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint

    For districts that offer school choice, automating applications, lotteries, and school matching can mean significant improvements in efficiency, data and analytics, and even fairness and transparency. SchoolMint offers a fully integrated, customized solution that allows you to manage every step of the process online:

    • A mobile-friendly tool for parents to research local schools.
    • One online application for parents to apply to multiple schools — no paper forms or manual data entry for staff.
    • Fair and transparent lotteries are run securely online.
    • All registration forms and required student documents are completed, uploaded, and managed online.

    Powerful Digital Forms and Documents

    digital forms and documents
    Enjoy paperless management of all your school forms and student documents all year long. With easy form-building tools and intuitive forms management (along with parents’ ability to upload documents like student health records and birth certificates) you’ll have an automated, more efficient way to gather and manage the information you need. SchoolMint’s system synchronizes in real-time across ensuring you more accurate data that you can access securely at any time.

    Other Features for School Districts


    registration packets for schools

    Registration Packets

    Build online registration packets according to your requirements for each school or grade. Include requests for student documents, and parents can upload them right from their device. You can even request and process fee payments.



    run lotteries automate lotteries

    Applications and Lotteries

    Parents can get information about local schools with School Chooser, then submit student information through a common application. Districts that oversee lotteries can run an automated and transparent lottery process and manage waitlists online.




    custom forms

    Family Communications

    Create, send, and track communications to individual families, targeted groups, or everyone district-wide. Connect with families in the mode they prefer — email, text message, or voice message, and track every family interaction in the system.






    mobile access for families

    Mobile Access for Parents

    Parents can use a mobile app to register their child, submit applications, and upload documents like health records and birth certificates. They can also check their status and submit any forms throughout the year with an e-signature.




    school events and calendars

    School Calendar

    Manage your academic calendar so registrations and applications can only be submitted during the appropriate time period. You can also schedule events like open houses and tours, send invitations to families, and track RSVPs.




    accept payment

    Fees and Payments

    Districts can invoice parents for registration fees or other fees throughout the year with SchoolMint’s built-in payment processor. Parents always know what is due and can submit payments right through their mobile devices.



    SIS Integration

    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint
    Everything in SchoolMint — applications, registration forms, and other digital forms and documents — is designed to seamlessly integrate with leading student information systems (SIS). Your SIS integration is built with data quality checks to help prevent duplicates and data errors, and can even incorporate single sign-on for systems like Google and Clever, so parents and administrators can access SchoolMint and other applications through one login.