Application & Lottery Management

Bring your school applications and lotteries online to streamline your enrollment process and increase transparency. Ease the burden on parents with a multilingual, mobile-friendly app that allows them to complete applications and respond to school offers in minutes.

Online Application and Lottery Management System

Your Application Process, Paperless

Paperless Process

Customized Online Forms

Create smart enrollment forms online for each school and grade level, including custom fields, document uploads, and e-signatures.

Mobile-Friendly Applications and Lotteries

Parents use their smartphones to complete applications, capture and upload required documents, check statuses, and accept or decline offers.

Improved Family Communications

Increase parents’ engagement and keep them informed through email, text, and voice communications, and effortlessly track all of these interactions online.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Save countless hours of staff time and cut down significantly on the costs of printing, mailing, file storage, and paper.

Lottery, Waitlist & Offer Management

Online Lottery and Waitlist Management for Schools

Flexible Lottery Design

Set up multiple lotteries by school or grade, including different lottery priorities, weights, rules, timelines, and seat availability that you can manage yourself in SchoolMint.

Fair and Transparent School Lotteries

Lotteries are run by a secure computer algorithm, so your rules and priorities are followed every time, with a transparent audit trail generated as you go.

Smart Assignments and Waitlists

The system automatically assigns open seats and updates the waitlist. School organizations that run multiple lotteries can choose to generate a single “optimal offer” if desired.

Offer Management

See which applicants are eligible for an offer and notify them with a click of a button. Families can accept or decline an offer instantly from their computers or mobile devices.

Data Quality, Reports, and Analytics

Data Validation

Autocorrect and auto-populating data fields help minimize errors, and all addresses are validated as they’re entered using Google Maps and USPS.

Cleaner School Lotteries

Run reports to identify duplicate applications and check student age eligibility before you run the lottery to help ensure accurate and fair offers and assignments.

SIS Integration

Keep student data unified, accurate, and up to date by connecting SchoolMint connects with your student information system (SIS). Learn more about SIS integration.


Parents can check the status of their child’s application and offers on the student dashboard. The administrator dashboard gives staff the status and overall stats about applications, open seats, and offers in real time.


View overall stats at a glance through dashboards, and create and export reports to analyze applicant data and trends using bar charts, pie charts, tables, and maps.

Audit Trail

All activities are automatically tracked, and robust audit reports give all the details you need about every change, assignment, parent communication, or action taken.

Data Security


HIPAA and FERPA compliance


SchoolMint complies with data privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


collect electronic signatures from parents for school documents

Account-Level Controls and E-Signatures

Set permissions based on roles to help maintain data security and student privacy. Parents establish a secure e-signature to certify forms throughout the year.



transfer data encryption

Data Encryption

Data is secured with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption during transfer.


student and parent data storied in private secure cloud

Private Cloud Storage

All information is secured in a protected cloud environment, and permissions are set so that each user has access to only the information they are authorized to view.