Posted September 13, 2016
Introduction to Unifying Enrollment
With the large amount of schools available today, parents are faced with difficultly deciding on which is best for their child. To help simplify the decision making process, more schools around the nation are beginning to unify their enrollment systems through either creating a common application or implementing a full unified enrollment system.

Design & Governance
Unified Enrollment Timeline
Curious to see what the enrollment timeline looks like for different cities? Check out our infographic and learn when application and lottery periods begin and end for various cities.
It's Complicated: Explaining Unified Enrollment to Families
What exactly is unified enrollment? Although the idea seems simple, explaining how a unified enrollment system works can get complicated. Need help? We've got just the inspiration to help set you up for success!
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Systems & Technology
Sample RFP Technical Requirements
What should you be looking for in an application management system (AMS)? One important thing to keep in mind is the accessibility of the system and the customization features. Before finalizing the choice on an AMS, make sure it meets all of these requirements!
Assessment & Evaluation
Did it Work?: Evaluating Unified Enrollment
The best way to determine the success of your unified enrollment system is through analyzing the data! Read and compare data from various cities that have implemented a unified enrollment system and see how this system has helped their enrollment numbers!
Design & Governance
3 Things to Keep in Mind When Implementing School Choice
With school choice on the rise, it's important to give parents access to information and an easy way to apply to multiple schools in order to ensure an equitable process.

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