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Make every stage easier — for everyone involved.

Schools and districts use Application & Lottery Management by SchoolMint to manage school choice, open enrollment, magnet programs, and student transfers. The innovative online platform simplifies application gathering for families and administrations — and it turns application data into actionable insights.

Effortlessly gather applications

When families submit applications with our Application & Lottery Management tool, the experience is so quick and easy to use, applications are more likely to be accurate & complete. Administrators themselves can easily configure lottery preferences and complete applications on behalf of parents.

On either a mobile phone or computer, families can use a single account to submit applications for multiple children and to multiple schools. They can also rank their preferences, track application statuses, respond to offers, and fill out or upload additional enrollment forms.

Accurately assign seats

Designing and configuring multiple lotteries is incredibly simple for administrators. Our secure algorithm is configured for each school system based on their preferences. Regardless of how complex a system may be, the tool seamlessly balances various lottery quotas, preferences, rules, timelines, and seat availability to generate transparent, accurate outcomes. And as families accept or decline offers, smart waitlists are automatically populated and dynamically updated based on preferences.

Unlock the predictive insights you need to plan ahead

For administrators, Application & Lottery Management dashboards generate a granular view of the number of students in each stage of the process. With the conversion funnel, admins can see students, in real time, as they progress through each stage of the enrollment cycle. And they can pinpoint where families fall off or stall.

Everything you need a system to do — and then some.

Deliver access equity

  • Every stage of the multilingual family experience, from accessing forms to document uploads to accepting offers, is designed to be done with just a cell phone number — ensuring all families can participate

Ensure fairness and transparency

  • Provide documentation with a complete audit trail, generated automatically
  • Allow full visibility for families through instant status updates

Configure for your needs, whatever they may be

  • Customize our flexible algorithm with your specific logic
  • Set up multiple lotteries by school or grade, with different priorities, weights, quotas, timelines, and seat availability
  • Update your lottery design year to year

Know your process is safe

  • Make sure you've configured your preferences correctly by running as many tests as you like in a completely secure, sandbox environment
  • Rest easy knowing you’re in good company: we processed over 1.8 million applications and ran 8,500 lotteries in 2018 alone

Efficient today, sustainable tomorrow

  • Save staff resources, time, and money by eliminating paper and spreadsheet-induced headaches
  • Use application data to discover where applications need engagement, then react in real time to impact fall enrollment numbers

See Application & Lottery Management in action.

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A Brighter Tomorrow for Our Partners

Having all the data in one place has been the most revolutionizing aspect for us as we can now easily manage students' application statuses, trigger registrations, and communicate with parents. The system's user friendliness has also benefited families who are seeking admissions to our schools, enabling them to easily access an application online, view their child's application status in real time, and also to complete registration forms online.

Jesika Anthony, Special Projects Coordinator, Uncommon Schools

Application & Lottery Management by SchoolMint has informed our system-level thinking and allowed us to better manage our high volume of application data and provide timely communications to our parents. It will also be an important asset as we roll out the school choice program with our charter schools in the future.

Kevin Alin, Executive Director of School Choice and Enrollment,
Cleveland Metropolitan School District

We selected Application & Lottery Management by SchoolMint because it offered the most flexibility and could adapt to the frequent, unique, and evolving requirements that our administrative staff, parents, and schools have regarding the application and lottery set-up. We had previously tried a few other automated enrollment systems and they didn’t provide the same level of flexibility. SchoolMint has the most experience.

Jamella Etienne, Secretary to the Magnet Office and (Chief) Academic Office,
New London Public Schools