Modernize Your Back Office

BY The SchoolMint Collective

By: Forum Desai, Co-Founder and COO of SchoolMint, Scholastic EduPulse blog, July 12, 2016



    • Paper-based student registration processes can be very complicated, inefficient, and costly. Costs include postage, paper consumption, and employing staff to manually re-enter data into student information systems. A paper based process also does not allow for real-time access to accurate data, and efficient communication between parents and administrators.



    • School districts nationwide have benefited from using an online registration process. Cleveland now uses the online system to manage its school choice program, which was previously complex and inconsistent. Now administrators can better manage the high volume of application data to make more effective and consistent school choices.


    • To ensure the successful implementation of an online registration system, planning is required. Administers should confirm that the system meets the district’s unique needs, and confirm that the system has mobile accessibility. Communication between the district and parents is also important, as well as staff training to work with the new system.


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