Save Time and Effort Through a SIS-Integrated Enrollment System

BY The SchoolMint Collective

By: Jinal Jhaveri, Co-Founder and CEO of SchoolMint, Education Technology Insights Magazine, November 2016



  • The annual student enrollment process is often stressful for school administrators and those responsible for educational IT systems. Enrollment is a process that involves many hours of work and requires multiple steps to ensure that student data is stored safely. Using an enrollment system that integrates with your SIS can save time and alleviate stress on staff.

  • Automating the enrollment process can also save significant amounts of money. For example, an online and mobile registration platform allows a school system to reallocate funds previously used for paper, printing, and mailing.

  • Automation also greatly improves the accuracy of enrollment data, and analysis of this data allows for districts to gain insights which enable better planning and decision making. The accuracy of enrollment data is also important when it comes to funding, because the overall budget of a school system is determined by the number of students who are enrolled. Mistakes in data can lead to the loss of money and jobs.

  • A safe enrollment system is also critical in ensuring the privacy of student data, and the equal treatment of all students regardless of personal information. Errors in SIS data can have big repercussions, and direct integration with the enrollment system leads to significantly fewer errors than repeat data entry.


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