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Strategic Enrollment Management

Ten Benefits of Going Paperless

ARTICLE FROM AIIM COMMUNITY: Taking processes online and eliminating paper improves efficiency and even data security. Read about ten ways going paperless can yield returns.
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Student and Family Engagement

Using Mobile to Make Parent Communication More Meaningful

When schools use mobile technology to communicate with parents, they can increase parent engagement, help students do better in school, and improve the efficiency of enrollment and operating processes.
Common Applications
Student and Family Engagement
Unifying Enrollment

Coordinating Enrollment Across School Sectors: An Overview of Common Enrollment Systems

When applying their child to various schools, parents are faced with the issue of having to fill out multiple applications and meet various deadlines. This system is beginning to seem ineffective, as it prevents some families who may not have the time or knowledge to navigate through applications and offers received. In order to make this process less complicated, many cities are now taking steps to introduce a common enrollment system.