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Bridging the District-Charter Divide to Help More Students Succeed

March 10, 2017 BY The SchoolMint Collective

By: Robin Lake, Sarah Yatsko, Sean Gill, Alice Opalka, CRPE, January 2017


In cities where there are divides and hostility between district and charter schools, students and families are most negatively affected. Some of the barriers parents face are a lack of access to information on public schools available in their city and the divide between district and charter leaders prevents educators from learning from one another.

Despite the animosity that remains, district and charter schools are beginning to realize that they must work together to benefit their students and families. In at least 35 urban school districts, efforts have been made to improve instruction, align policies, address inequities, and find operational inefficiencies. A graph on page 8 outlines the charter school market share in each highlighted city and explains the importance of a district-charter cooperation.

This research paper provides a deep dive into the district-charter collaboration and explains the following impacts and results.

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