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Families have more school choices today than ever before, and they’re looking for schools that fit their unique needs. But in a crowded landscape, it’s increasingly hard for schools to stand out.

Your growth is our game-plan.

With industry-leading solutions, we’re helping charter schools attract and retain students. And our trusted, student-centric products make school operations smarter and more efficient, so school organizations can get stronger – and their futures can become more sustainable – for years to come.

Partners in progress.

We conducted a rigorous review of various systems and time and again were drawn to SchoolMint because of its unparalleled user experience. We could trust it would be the best fit for all of our stakeholders.
– Jaciel Castro, Student Recruitment Manager KIPP San Antonio, TX

Our schools are able to better manage the application process from start to finish. Plus, it makes the process significantly easier and more intuitive for our families. I would recommend it to any charter management organization.
– Charlie Wolfson, Director of Project Management Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, CA

Our Solutions: A Path Forward

Strategic Enrollment Management

Generate school demand with SchoolMint’s Strategic Enrollment Management tools. By using them to transform enrollment into online, family-friendly experiences, schools are increasing engagement at key moments throughout the enrollment cycle, year after year.

New Colorado school Golden View Classical Academy needed an ideal environment for family engagement, and SchoolMint has delivered. “Families prefer a process that is accessible, simple, and clear, and SchoolMint has been tremendously helpful in keeping parents in the loop,” says their Student Affairs Coordinator. “Once we found an organization we knew would be a partner, our attention turned to ensuring we provide the very best for our families.” And that they have – so much so they’ve seen 8% enrollment growth.


School Climate & Culture

Charter organizations know the importance of school climate and culture; when both are positive, school campuses are where families, students, teachers, and staff want to be. But how does a school build culture from scratch – or transform it entirely?

Florida’s Renaissance Charter School at Pines is turning to what’s at the heart of school climate & culture: student behavior. They’re using Hero to change mindsets and cultivate positive student actions. And with referrals reduced by 50%, they’ve gained a way to measure success.

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In cities across the country, charter organizations are coming together to promote access equity with MultApply. Consolidating the application process makes is easier for all families to apply – and it creates a path for growth.

“SchoolMint's mobile solutions ensure parents understand their choices and make the process of applying to a charter school simple and direct,” says Christina Brown, New York City Charter School Center’s Chief Operations Officer. 165+ schools joined the city's common application process, and applications from ELLs' and families of students with disabilities have increased three-fold.


Products as new-school as you.

With SchoolMint products, charters are taking family engagement to the next level. And they’re building futures that are more fiscally sound.

Application & Lottery Management

Fair, transparent, and the ultimate way to simplify student application gathering. Know you’re getting assignments right the first time – and unlock predictive insights needed to plan ahead.

Registration & Re-enrollment Management

Bring the entire registration process (for new and returning students) into the 21st century. Increase access for low-income and minority populations – all while saving time and money.


It’s a revolutionary enrollment search tool. It’s an easy-to-navigate mobile website. And it lets charter organizations throughout the city shine light on all the school information families need.

Tardy Improvement

Improve student tardiness – and establish equitable discipline policies schoolwide. HeroReady motivates students to be on time and in class.

Positive Behavior Reinforcement

Improve student behavior – and help your schools with classroom management. HeroRise is the effective, practical way to implement a positive behavior framework.

Software & Service Add-ons

State-of-the-art product modules and information-rich services make our enrollment products even more powerful.

Improve School Outreach & Marketing

Outreach Events & RSVPs

Manage open houses, school fairs, and other outreach events end-to-end with our Event Management tool.

Interest Tracker

Gain helpful visibility into how families feel about their school options, long before they make their final decision.

School Profiles

Help families research and discover all the schools that suit them with an add-on to our Application & Lottery Management tool.

Add-ons for Enrollment

  • Year-round Forms
  • Print Templates
  • Fee Payments
  • Voice Calls
  • Custom Reports
  • SIS Integration
  • Translation
  • Professional Services
  • Letters of Recommendation

We Support Your Progress

With every SchoolMint product comes award-winning customer support. Filled with former educators, our Customer Success team of specialists, coaches, and technical support providers is wholeheartedly dedicated to the needs of your organization and your families. Whether you’re one school or many, we stick around from implementation to launch and many years after.

To help schools make the most of our products and stay innovative, our customer success team also regularly publishes thought leadership, product how-to guides, and other support materials. If you’ve got a challenge or two, check out our resources to see if the help we’re publishing for other educators could work for you.

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