Across the country, education leaders are transforming the school application process with a Common App. Combining different applications for different schools into one centralized, online application, Common App makes school choice easier for families to access — and easier for schools to manage. From charter centers to school networks to non-profits, SchoolMint Common App is for any organization looking to extend equity to families.

One app. Countless benefits.

Effortless consolidation

A single online Common App standardizes differing application dates, questions, and documents for all participating schools. Vastly reducing paperwork on the administration end, a Common App also streamlines the experience for families. From one centralized hub, families can apply to multiple schools at the same time from a single account, entering their information only once.

Easily configurable

Our flexible design is configurable to meet the needs of all organizations involved. Schools can use Common App to gather applications, run lotteries, and manage offers — while maintaining their own lottery logic and autonomy. Alternatively, schools can simply gather applications through the shared platform, then handle lotteries and offers on their own. And participating schools can commit to a single acceptance policy or not — whatever they prefer.

Freedom for Individual Schools

Each school using our Common App receives only the data that’s relevant to their students. And for additional enrollment functionalities, individual schools and charter organizations can use SchoolMint for other services or not; with our Common App, the freedom to choose is up to them.

Every org, admin, and family wins.

Access for all

  • Increase equity and access for high-risk populations with an online process. From submitting forms to document uploads to accepting offers, families can do it all with just a cell phone.

Choice for all

  • Gain positive exposure for more schools while giving families a comprehensive view of their options.
  • Eliminate the burdens families face when applying to multiple schools, replacing complexities with a quick and simple process.

Peace of mind

  • Make sure you’ve configured your priorities correctly by running as many test lotteries as you like in a completely secure, sandbox environment.
  • Provide documentation with a complete audit trail.

Efficient today, sustainable tomorrow

  • Vastly reduce the time, energy, and paperwork needed of administrators by streamlining the application and admission process.
  • Greater visibility establishes a pathway for increased family participation.

See Common App in action.

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A Brighter Tomorrow for Our Partners

Some of our innovative partners include:

Los Angeles Charter Common App

  • 31 charter Schools

Apply Houston

  • 65+ Schools

NYC Common App

  • 165+ schools, 10 languages

Kansas City Charter Common App

  • Sponsored by non-profit Show Me KC Schools, 16 charter schools