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Insights and Trends in Student Enrollment
What do you get by choosing Schoolmint? A registration solution configured for you.

SchoolMint creates online registration solutions that are tailored to your district or school’s needs. And we follow through with the dedicated support your challenges require.

We've got your basics covered

SchoolMint offers all the standard features you’d expect from an online registration and re-enrollment solution. Just like with Smart Choice, PowerSchool, and Infosnap, with us, all the essentials are taken care of.


Intent to return

Pre-populate with

Integration with Student
Information Systems

But our differences are where it gets good

Have a problem? Our support will stay right on that.

1. What's behind a 5-star rated user interface?
An interface that works, simple as that. Unique enrollment challenges require a unique enrollment solution. At SchoolMint, we don't pull up a template and call it done. Our dedicated team builds a highly configured solution that's uniquely right for you. And through every step, we see implementation through, making sure there are no hiccups along the way.

2. We can handle translations.
When we say we provide translations, we don't just hand your form off to Google. We actually do the work ourselves, custom for you.

3. How's our customer service experience? Winning. 
We're not some huge corporate machine at SchoolMint, so to us, you're not a number. You're you. And we're dedicated to continually providing the hands-on experience you deserve – all the way through your online live date and beyond. That's part of the reason why we're a 2017 Tech & Learning Stellar Service Award-winner and a 2018 Gold Stevie® Award-winner.

Accommodating families in every way, shape, and custom form.
A school registration process designed with your families in mind.

4. Non-English speakers in your community?
SchoolMint's online enrollment is accessible in up to 17 languages.

5. Serving low income families with limited resources?
We're the only online platform that doesn't require an email address for sign-on. With SchoolMint, any parent can enroll their child with simply a phone number.

6. Busy parents with non-traditional work schedules?
Our 99.9999% up-time means families rarely experience a down system when they're trying to enroll, day or night. And when parents do have questions, we handle family customer support so you don't have to.

7. Most of your parents have more than one child? Of course they do.
Well, trust us, they're going to love this: SchoolMint's platform allows families to manage multiple children in one account. And that eliminates duplicate information for you.

Let’s compare online registration

See how SchoolMint online registration compares to Smart Choice, PowerSchool and Infosnap.

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