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Just about 1 out of every 10 schools in the country is a SchoolMint customer. Ten thousand schools strong, our customers are rising new school organizations, the biggest and brightest districts, and everyone in between. North, south, east, and west, they’re building brighter tomorrows for the 4 million students and families we serve. And our customers are lighting the way for other educators to follow.

Overcoming financial crisis
in New London

Short on funding and facing a state takeover, the Connecticut district of New London needed to grow enrollment to survive. Their strategy: add highly desirable magnet programs, plus the smart and sophisticated outreach, application, and lottery tools needed to pull it off.

With powerful application data insights from SchoolMint, New London is using targeted outreach to boost applicant numbers where they need them in real time. “With SchoolMint we can see exactly who's applying, where they're from, and what grades they are in. Then we ask, are we short anywhere? Do we need to be working harder to get this town or that town?” - Kate McCoy, Executive Director for Strategic Planning.

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SchoolMint gives us an up-to-the-minute view of application status across the 24 schools currently using the system, enabling us to identify where things are going well so that we can learn and improve enrollment conversions across the network.

– Scot Kerr, Associate Director  of External Reporting

Optimizing enrollment conversion with Achievement First

With a network of schools spread across three states, Achievement First was losing control over their enrollment conversion rates at the school level. But with greater visibility, thanks to SchoolMint, the organization is now optimizing the experience for all their schools and families.

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You have to believe in continuous improvement. You can never become complacent. Character development and academic rigor have been a part of the culture that we have instilled with Hero.

– Principal Alvarez

Creating high achievers at Hialeah Educational Academy

Year after year, the “A”-rated Hialeah Educational Academy is one of the top schools in the country. They’re serving a high poverty area with few resources, and yet they’re creating success – all by believing in students and allowing positive student behavior reinforcement with Hero to work.

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Support for our customers – in so many ways.

Despite all of the challenges educators are facing today, our customers are achieving the impossible. And we’re so proud to be there, for them, as a partner in their progress. It’s why our partnerships team doesn’t just sell products, they design successful concepts for each customer’s challenges. And it’s why our success team continually receives recognition for running alongside our partners, years after implementation.

SchoolMint also provides resources designed to help make our customers more successful – including thought leadership, product how-to guides, and other materials.

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