Digital Forms & Document Management

Create and edit “smart” forms using a custom Form Builder. Allow families to save time by completing and submitting forms – including document uploads and e-signatures – in minutes from their computers or mobile devices. Track and manage students’ information in real time as forms are received.

Online Application and Lottery Management System

Administer All of Your School Forms Online

Digital Forms and Document Management | SchoolMint

Save time and improve data integrity by moving all of your forms online:

  • Enrollment forms and packets
  • Field trip permissions
  • Athletics forms
  • Health forms
  • Any other forms throughout the year

For administrators

Administrators can create any custom forms with an easy yet powerful Form Builder, then track form completion, and access data and documents in real-time.

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For families

Parents can use their mobile devices or computers to complete forms more quickly, scan or photograph student documents, and upload them securely.

Build the Forms You Need

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Flexible Form Builder

Design forms with text boxes, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, rankings, and other field formats. Drag and drop the order of fields. Make changes on the fly, anywhere, anytime.

Mobile-friendly Uploads

Add required or optional file uploads to any form, which families can complete securely from a computer or mobile device. E-signatures can also be added with the click of a button.

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Auto-Filled Information

Ensure that families only have to fill out basic information like student name, address, and grade one time. That information will auto-fill across the rest of their forms!

Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic so that families are only asked to respond to questions relevant to them, based on their students’ characteristics or answers to previous questions.

Address Validation

Automatically validate families’ home addresses. Prompt families to auto-complete with a properly formatted USPS address, or make any changes as needed.

Multilingual Student Application | SchoolMint

Language Translation

Translate forms into another language with the click of a button. SchoolMint can customize your system with a range of language-translation options.

Track and Manage Forms and Documents

Custom User Permissions

Configure custom user roles with the desired viewing and editing permissions, at the system or school level. Assign these roles individually or in bulk to groups of users.

Document Verification and Routing

Review uploaded documents to ensure they are legible and correct, then mark them as verified so that they can be routed to the appropriate staff or department.

Real-Time Form Tracking

Track forms and packets in real time to determine which students are missing information or to identify families that should receive follow-up communications.

Custom Notes

Enter any extra notes about student documents or parent interactions, then run reports that show all custom notes for a student or group of students.

Secure Storage and Access

Store student information and documents securely in the cloud — no need to keep track of copies, maintain off-site paper storage, or risk misplacing important information.

SIS Integration

Connect data from your SchoolMint forms with your student information system (SIS) to keep student data accurate and up to date. Learn more about SIS integration

Analyze Forms Data


Visualize how students are moving through the enrollment flow in real time using a variety of easy-to-analyze formats — bar charts, pie charts, tables, and maps.


Generate reports that reduce manual work for administrators and help improve the accuracy and integrity of the information collected in your forms and documents.

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Audit Trail

Automatically generate a robust audit trail with details about every form, parent interaction, or change made to a student’s profile.

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