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Do New Orleans Families Prefer Higher Performing Schools?

May 25, 2016 BY The SchoolMint Collective

By: Timothy Daly, EdNavigator blog


Summary from EdNavigator:

“When families have the ability to choose schools–rather than be assigned to them based on their address–they’ll have the opportunity to seek out higher-performing schools that can deliver a better education for their children. It’s one of the most common arguments for expanding school choice. But is it true? Is that what really happens? What’s the connection between school quality and interest among families in those schools?

Kindergarten enrollment patterns in New Orleans give us a pretty good test case. All families must choose an elementary school &mdash there are no default, zoned assignments. Nearly all schools participate in a universal enrollment process called OneApp that collects their preferences and issues assignments using an algorithm. OneApp releases detailed reports showing how often each school is selected as a family’s first choice as well as how often each school is listed somewhere on a family’s rank order.”

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