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Easing the Hassle of Collecting K12 School Fees

Posted September 3, 2016

Current Challenges with K12 School Payments

Managing school payments and fees can be a challenge during enrollment season and throughout the year. Already strapped for time and juggling many responsibilities, parents may have difficulty taking care of school fees for costs related to enrollment, special events, and school uniforms. They have to stay on top of what payments are due and when, and then they often have to take time out of their workday to submit a payment via check or cash in person at the school. Parents may wonder why they have to do it this way when, elsewhere in their lives, they can pay for other expenses online or with mobile apps. Meanwhile, schools must keep accurate records on who has paid and who has not, then individually call or email parents who haven’t yet paid with a gentle reminder that the fee is due. Sometimes payment must be complete before registration can be considered complete, adding another roadblock.

This process is very burdensome and time-consuming for everyone involved, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the ways that schools make life easier for everyone involved with convenient mobile and online payments.

Integrate School Payments with Online Enrollment Processes

When parents have to use a different system for sending payments than they do for enrolling and receiving communications from their children’s school, it takes them extra time and trouble to log into all of those systems. Parents might have several financial accounts that they have to manage in their personal and business lives, each with its own unique username and password. Keeping track of which account is linked to which part of their life is a headache, and it can be time-consuming to figure out which account they need to use to take care of school fees. This doesn’t have to be a problem, however, thanks to the availability of school payment features within existing mobile and online student enrollment solutions such as SchoolMint. Since parents often have to pay fees around enrollment time, it’s convenient and intuitive to take care of those payments from within the same app or site they use to enroll their child. And since parents may already be able to receive communications from schools through a mobile enrollment app or by email, they can get timely reminders on upcoming payment deadlines using that same app and then issue the payment directly from there as well.

Leverage Mobile for Easier School Payments 

Forward-thinking schools are making the payments process easier on parents by allowing them to send school fees directly through the mobile enrollment app or school enrollment website that they already use for enrollment and registration. Having already created their account in the mobile enrollment app or enrollment website, parents don’t need to sign out of the software or use an entirely different process just to make sure their payments reach the school in a timely manner. Rather than having to use a completely separate system when the time comes to pay for school fees, parents can simply log back into the app or site that they already know and are comfortable with to conveniently submit a payment online. Furthermore, mobile tools for parent-school communication ensure greater access for families that might not have computers or internet access at home.

Use Quicker, Simpler Payments Management for Schools

Online school payments make life easier for staff at the school as well. Beforehand, it might have been time-consuming and tedious to manage the incoming payments—who had paid for what, when they had paid, and how they had paid. Now, school staff can keep more accurate records and get instant reports on the status of school fees. With the click of a button, they can see who hasn’t made a payment and send an automatic message to all the parents who still need to send in their payments. This keeps the fees coming in on time with a minimum of follow-up. And it’s easy to manage: just like the parents, the school staff can organize school payments all from within the same familiar software.

Make Payments More Efficient for Everyone

By making it possible for parents to send school payments using the mobile enrollment app or enrollment website that they already know how to use, schools can eliminate a pain point from the parent experience. Schools can also save their staff time in the process, easily keeping up to date records on outstanding fees due and quickly sending reminder notices so that the payments arrive on schedule. This way, they can spend less time trying to figure out if the payments have been taken care of and invest more time in higher-level tasks that create greater benefits for the school and its students. It’s a win-win for both parents and schools.

Key points from this post:

  • Parents often have difficulty keeping track of and sending school payments.
  • School staff find the process of managing school payments and sending reminders to parents very time-consuming.
  • Schools can save time and make the payments process easier for everyone by letting parents send school payments from within a mobile enrollment app or school enrollment website that they already know and use.


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