California Charter Schools Conference

March 26-28, 2018

San Diego, CA

Booth 1115

The California Charter Schools Conference connects charter school experts from across the state for an opportunity to interact with one another and learn about tips and tools to ensure charter school growth. Come and meet the SchoolMint team at Booth 1115 or attend our sessions to learn about social media and application and lottery best practices.

CA Charter Schools Conference

Conference Schedule

Tuesday, March 27

12:15 pm
Operations & Compliance Expo
Poster Session: Transform Your School’s Enrollment Experience: Access. Efficiency. Insight.
Raj Kaur
School Partnerships

Parents want to find the best school for their children and schools want to ensure the application and lottery process is equitable, efficient,transparent for the communities they serve. During this interactive session, learn about how automating your application and lottery process can increase efficiency for both parents and school staff. Participants will leave with best practices to run their application and lottery process more efficiently and reliably.

Wednesday, March 28

10:45 am
San Diego Convention Center 29AB
Transform Your School's Enrollment Experience: Access. Efficiency. Insight Feat. Growth Public Schools and Albert Einstein Academies
Jeremy Kharrazi
School Partnerships

Hear from Albert Einstein Academies and Growth Public Schools about how and why they automated their enrollment system to deliver an equitable and transparent family experience, gain deeper insights into their applicants, improve lottery efficiency, and increase data integrity.

Wednesday, March 28

1:30 pm
San Diego Convention Center 24AB
Language Matters: Recruiting for Diversity
Puja Desari
Director of Community Engagement
Summit Public Schools

Research from CCSA shows that language like "application" and "lottery" are barrier words insinuating competition or pre-requisites. These words may deter ELL families and SED families from enrolling in our charter schools. Explore how Summit Public Schools changed its approach to student recruitment and enrollment to remove these perceived barriers and encourage all families to apply. We will also develop step-by-step strategies that participants can employ to identify and overcome barriers to meet recruitment goals.

“Our staff has decreased the amount of time processing applications by close to 40 hours. The ability to run applications, lottery, registration, and re-enrollment all within one system has significantly impacted the efficiency of our enrollment process.”

Brett Adler | Assist. Director of Tech & Compliance | San Diego Global Vision Academy