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Give Parents School Report Cards They Can Actually Use

May 18, 2016 BY The SchoolMint Collective

By: David Keeling, EdNavigator Blog, May 18, 2016


While parents have access to large amounts of information about schools, it doesn’t necessarily reflect what they care about most when choosing a school for their children. School report cards are often targeted at policymakers rather than families, and they can vary wildly in what information they include. States need to present a more holistic picture of each school, keeping the focus on academic performance while giving families insights into other key dimensions of school quality.

This article presents four questions that parents should be able to answer after looking at a school report card:

  1. How well does this school help students learn?
  2. How are students at this school performing overall?
  3. How do students experience this school?
  4. Is this a school that families love, or one that they endure?

EdNavigator presents the 4Score, where a school receives a letter rating in each of these four categories. This creates a more complete picture of the quality of a school and what it may have to offer rather than just assigning an overall letter grade to a school. It takes some work to gather this information, but this system gives parents a much better idea of what a school is really like.

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