What is Homeroom?

Homeroom is an exclusive customer community that allows you to maximize your investment in our platform, connect with other educators nationwide, share your thoughts & ideas, be recognized for your contributions, and help make our products and company better.

Inside Homeroom, you will find actionable content worth sharing with your team and educational activities that will help you optimize your use of our products.

Everything you do in Homeroom earns you points which you can redeem for:

  • Gift cards that you can use to treat yourself or your colleagues or students
  • Opportunities to advance your career
  • Swag and other fun stuff

We're excited to extend an invitation to this brand new exclusive community.

Homeroom Customer Quotes

I really appreciate the ability to connect with other users [via Homeroom] and to read about their successes and barriers. I also really appreciate all the resources that I have access to like training videos, updated research and statistics on new practices, etc."

- Kristen Shimabukuro, Behavioral Health Specialist, Kalakaua Middle School

Homeroom is rewarding. It gives educators tangible rewards, but more importantly, it provides internal rewards - communications with other educators, inspirational articles, fun articles, ways to better use the program so it's rewarding for students, and it provides opportunities for reflection"

- Rochelle Schmidt, Teacher Librarian, San Bernardino High School

This was a very easy non-tech website. So friendly I could do it.

– A satisfied, technology- challenged dad

Oddly enough, when I got the Homeroom email I was like, one more thing to take time from planning, grading etc. but the prizes offered for earning points changed that as did the reflective nature of some of the challenges."

- Mr. Harris, Teacher, Indian Springs High School

Muy buena atención - muy agradecida por su ayuda.

– One gracious mom