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Increasing the Demand for High-Quality Schools in Cleveland

May 16, 2017 BY Genny Orr


By: Michael DeArmond, José Hernández, CRPE, May 2017


School choice is playing a growing role in the national education debate. Each year, a growing number of cities and districts expand school choice and/or move towards unifying their enrollment systems. However, offering more choices does not in itself guarantee greater equity or a better educational experience for students. Instead, it is essential to build an ecosystem that supports the exercise of families’ school choices. This blog highlights three efforts that Cleveland has made to provide a better choice experience for families and increase the share of families attending higher performing schools. In particular, Cleveland focused its efforts on (1) more streamlined enrollment processes to reduce the burden on families, (2) better sources of information for families to understand their school options, and (3) additional supports for families to help them navigate the choice process. View CRPE’s full blog post here.

To enable these efforts, Cleveland has partnered with SchoolMint – the leading provider of mobile and online enrollment and school choice systems for PreK-12 district, charter, and independent schools – to support the implementation of its school choice program. The resulting end-to-end system for school choice and enrollment management enabled the district to serve 3,644 families in the 2015-16 school year, with positive results to date.


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