Private and Independent Schools

Automate your enrollment system to save time and money, simplify the process for families, and more effectively plan your marketing and student recruitment.
  • Streamlined Application Processes and Recruiting

    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint
    Independent and private schools operate in a different environment from that of public schools. To stay competitive, you need efficiency in your processes and good data to inform student recruitment efforts.
    With SchoolMint’s software solution — customized for your school’s specific needs — private schools can bring their enrollment and recruiting processes online to streamline applications, manage waitlists, engage with parents more effectively, and focus recruitment planning.

    Simplified Registration for New and Returning Students

    Registering new and returning students is paperless and painless with SchoolMint’s intuitive software system that automates every aspect of the student enrollment process. Parents can register their student and check their status, all from their own mobile devices. Save time and money and operate with greater efficiency, and have 24/7 access to student registration status, student data and demographics, and fees.
    Student enrollment data is accurate and secure. Submitted applications and registrations, along with student record changes, are synchronized across the system and stored in a private cloud environment. Dashboards and reports give you all the analytics you need to effectively plan your student marketing, recruiting, and operations.
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    Customizable Digital Forms and Document Management

    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint
    Go paperless for all of your forms and student documents throughout the year — not just at enrollment time. With easy form-building tools and mobile-friendly access for parents that allows them to fill out any form and upload any required documents from their own device, schools will have an automated, more efficient way to gather and manage critical enrollment information.
    Updates to family information are shared across the SchoolMint software system, so private schools will have cleaner, more up-to-date, and more consistent information that is accessed from the cloud, securely, at any time.

    More Enrollment Features for Private Schools


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    Waitlist Management

    With the automated waitlist, the system does all the work to track and assign open seats according to your priorities and rules. As students accept offers, waitlisted applicants move up appropriately, and both parents and administrators can check statuses on their dashboards at any time.



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    Mobile Access for Parents

    Families can use a mobile app or their computer to submit applications and view statuses — even for multiple children. The can also accept offers, register, withdraw, decline, track their child’s waitlist status, and even schedule interviews and shadow days.



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    Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors can be collected and attached to the student’s online application. Recommenders are notified by email and can submit their letter through a secure web-based form.




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    Family Communications

    Send communications to individual families, targeted groups, or the entire school. Use templates to save time composing messages, and deliver them automatically in the mode parents prefer — email, text message, or voice message.




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    Events and Interviews

    Send invitations to families for open houses, interviews, tours, and other school events, and parents can RSVP right from their smartphones. Track RSVPs, manage event capacity, and send reminders by email or text message. You can even take attendance in the system.




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    Student Recruitment Interest Tracker

    Manage your school’s growth more effectively and plan student recruitment efforts by getting better visibility into which schools families are interested in and why. Track and stay and touch with interested families, and get actionable insights into which of your student recruitment efforts are most effective.



    Student Enrollment Data and SIS Integration

    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint
    SchoolMint enrollment software integrates directly with leading student information systems (SIS) and is designed for smooth two-way data exchange with all others. By tapping into the power of APIs and building in data quality checks, SchoolMint helps keep student enrollment data synchronized and up to date while minimizing data duplication and errors.