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Four Steps to Stabilizing Enrollment

BY The SchoolMint Collective

When there’s a will, Strategic Enrollment Management is the way.

Across the country, default neighborhood public school assignments are on the decline while families have more and more freedom to choose where they send their children to school. As a result, the days of steady and predictable enrollment numbers, year after year, may seem like a pipedream for many districts.

Even in areas where enrollment is growing today, communities are demanding a more transparent, fair, and inclusive enrollment process. And with the need for public school systems to ensure access is equitable – for all families, regardless of resources – the stakes have never been higher.


A handful of forward-thinking districts are meeting these challenges head-on.

And they’re establishing a path toward operational and fiscal stability for years to come through Strategic Enrollment Management. With the proper groundwork, the successful results it has produced are replicable in any district.


Here’s how Strategic Enrollment Management works:

Strategic enrollment management is an ongoing, deliberate approach to choice and engagement that higher education has been successfully following for years. SchoolMint helps districts bring these strategies to K-12 education, providing online tools, guidance, and support.

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