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Let data do the hard work with SchoolMint + Aeries integration

Posted June 13, 2018

SchoolMint supports a seamless, direct API integration with Aeries’ Student Information System. And data integrity is ensured – from registration to graduation.

With integration, life gets a whole lot easier


can be more efficient:

  • Our read/write API-level integration means you only need to enter information once. And you can trust that information is securely disseminated.
  • To match our enrollment/registration forms with your SIS, we detect duplicate student and guardian records with a 99+% success rate and flag for resolution*.
  • You can test run your direct Aeries export — as well as school lotteries and other functionality — year-round using our free “sandbox” test environment.

IT Departments

can worry over one less thing:

  • We’re a plug-in-once-and-done solution for IT departments.
  • Our team can customize a data mapping schema to your organization’s specific needs.
  • Data control can be tailored with different permissions for district, network, or school-level accounts.


*Before creating a new student record, SchoolMint will check to identify if the student already exists in Aeries. To determine this, we will search for a match based on fields like first/last name and date of birth (or student number, where available). If there are exact or possible matches found, then those matches will be displayed with any identifying information for the administrator to view and select the record to update. If no matches are found, then the student is considered as new and added to the SIS.

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