Striving to Exceed Parents’ Expectations with an Updated Registration System

Mountain View Whisman School District

Mountain View Whisman School District LogoMountain View, CA 

Mountain View Whisman School District (MVWSD) is located in Mountain View, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. The award-winning district, comprised of 13 schools and three choice programs, serves a diverse population of approximately 5,000 PreK-8 students.


Mountain View Whisman School DistrictMVWSD had been using an outdated paper-based system to complete its student registration process. Parents would schedule in-person appointments to bring in necessary documentation and then wait in line, which was becoming increasingly untenable. The process was equally inefficient for staff since they had to spend valuable time inputting student data once the documents were received.

“There was an inordinate amount of time spent looking at paper,” said Ayinde Rudolph, superintendent of MVWSD. “We hoped there would be a better system for our families and staff.”

MVWSD was also facing concerns from parents about the transparency of their choice program application process.  Parents would submit a paper form with a checklist of their choice program preferences and staff would then manually input this data into the system. Parents were losing trust in this process and frustration was mounting. The district needed to increase transparency and improve the fidelity of the lottery experience.

“We had no choice but to improve our enrollment system. We needed to increase transparency, provide real-time access to application status, and improve our parent and staff experience,” said Rudolph. “A new, automated system would provide this while enabling us to save money in the long run.”

“Enrollment is a family’s first impression of our district and is reflective of how MVWSD operates. Enhancing this process with SchoolMint will provide the efficient, transparent system our families deserve.” – Ayinde Rudolph, superintendent of MVWSD


Mountain View Whisman School DistrictThe district selected SchoolMint to automate and manage its registration and lottery processes. The online system will allow MVWSD to significantly increase transparency, while providing parents and staff with access to real-time data.  “The system will reduce paperwork, minimize the handoffs, and allow parents to easily check on their child’s application and registration status,” said Rudolph.

SchoolMint is expected to save parents time and dramatically enhance their experience. “We value our parents’ time and believe there’s a fundamental issue with them having to stand in line to register their child. If you can pay a bill online, you should be able to register your child for school online,” said Rudolph. “Registering your child should not detract from a parent or guardian’s work. Whether they are an hourly worker or a CEO, there is a financial impact to taking time off.”

“We have an obligation to continually improve our staff and family experience,” Rudolph continued. “Enrollment is a family’s first impression of a district and is reflective of how a district operates. Enhancing this process with SchoolMint will provide the efficient, transparent system our families deserve.”

Measuring Success

The district looks to measure the success of its shift to an online system by the overall ease of use with which it can complete the registration and lottery process, and the amount of time this frees up for staff to now spend with parents and students.

“We look forward to eliminating the need for parents to wait in line outside of our district office, to providing better access to and trust in enrollment-related data, and to saving valuable time and money,” said Rudolph.

Mountain View Whisman Case Study