November 29, 2017

Confused By Your Public School Choices? Hire A Coach

By: Heidi Glenn, NPR, November 27, 2017


Searching for a public school is becoming increasingly complex in certain cities. For parents in areas with a lot of school choice – charter, magnet, traditional, progressive, project-based, Montessori, STEM, STEAM, immersion programs, etc. – confused and overwhelmed parents are seeking consulting support to guide them through the options.

This article notes that hiring a consultant can be a boon to some parents, but school choice critics worry that consultants could deepen the disadvantages and inequities that low-income families already face.  Some cities are taking steps to centralize their school choice information and make the process simpler. But not all high-choice districts have done this yet.

SchoolMint is proud to partner with cities like Denver, Camden, and Oakland in supporting the school choice process through a tool called the School Finder to help families navigate the school choice process and improve communication across districts, schools, and communities.

Read the entire article on NPR.

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