August 11, 2016

SchoolMint Earns Top Marks with Integrated Phone Support

By: Sarah Lighthall, Zendesk Blog, August 11, 2016



    • Because it serves both school administrators and parents, SchoolMint receives many support requests from these two different groups. The support team manages these requests through the incorporation of their Zendesk Help Center, which provides relevant articles to each customer segment.


    • Promoting self-service via the help center has allowed agents to spend more time providing email and voice support at hours where customers are most active. Their goal is to provide fast responses at all hours of the day and they keep in mind that parents who work all day might not be able to use SchoolMint until late at night.


  • SchoolMint provides customer support in several languages. Many of the support agents are bilingual and able to assist customers who require explanations in languages other than English over the phone. Phone support also allows SchoolMint to help customers who do not have access to a computer.


Read the article on the Zendesk blog.

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