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Our Beginnings

Hero: 1999-2001

Hero Origins

At the request of a school customer, ID card company Plasco was asked if IDs could print a tardy slip when scanned. A software solution was built and a concept was born. PlascoTrac debuted.

Hero: 2008-2010

Mobility + Incredible Growth

Mobile tracking & major customers (Memphis City Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Miami-Dade County Public Schools) added. New UI, DA Top100 EdTechProducts Award & customers in 39 states.

Hero: 2013

Tracking More
Than Tardies

Product shifts beyond discipline behavior functionality.

Schoolmint: 2013

An Idea is Born

After a rocky enrollment experience personally, bay area couple takes their vision to reinvent school enrollment and registration to the biggest venture incubator in the world. Secures investments from YCombinator / Imagine K12.

Hero: 2014

A New Hero

Hero K12 becomes a stand-alone company & is recognized by Marketo as a transformational brand. Complete product overhaul & move to A3 cloud.

SchooMint: 2014

A Fresh Company

SchoolMint company officially launches with first customer Achievement First. Success of first iterations of Applications & Lottery earn funding from Early Venture Investments.

SchoolMint: 2015

Upwards & Onwards

Customer base grows to 1200 schools & includes Cleveland Metropolitan School District. New product additions include Student/Family Recruitment.

Hero: 2016

Preparing for Scale

Industry partnerships & joint product development with Powerschool, Sungard, SchoolMessenger, Reaxium, and others empower Hero data.

SchoolMint: 2016

Expanding the Venture

2400 schools & nearly 1M students served, including IDEA Public Schools, YesPrep & Camden Enrollment. New products for Registration/Re-enrollment, Unified Enrollment & School Payments. Impressive year-over-year growth brings funding from Reach Capital, Runa Capital & Govtech Fund.

SchoolMint: 2017

School Search Revolution Origins

7000+ schools, adding districts partnerships at LAUSD, Chicago Public Schools & Denver Public Schools. First SchoolFinder hits the market, transforming family school selection.

SchoolMitn + Hero: 2017

Private Equity Brings Two Together

Years of solid, non-venture funded success positions Hero for platform growth. Hatches vision for an EdTech portfolio of integrated solutions that make schools a better place to learn and grow. $150M in private equity capital from BV Investment Partners (2017’s largest EdTech investment) paves way for SchoolMint’s addition to the platform.

SchoolMint: 2018

Bright Years Ahead

Optimizing for scale, SchoolMint and Hero organizations are integrated and a unified platform growth strategy is launched. District partnerships with LAUSD, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools & Guilford County Schools formed. Poised for bright years ahead with high 90% retention and 30% YoY growth.

SchoolMint: 2019

Smart Choice Added

Schoolmint acquires Smart Choice, creating the leader in strategic enrollment management for K-12 education.

SchoolMint: 2020

Headquarters Relocated to Lafayette, LA

SchoolMint opens new US headquarters taking us from Silicon Valley to Silicon Bayou, establishing Lafayette, LA as our new hometown.

Our Next Steps

Today, education is increasingly being driven by technology. But most providers are offering niche solutions, like an app that’s just for curriculum or teacher support or something else. In short, technology isn’t all that integrated, which is leaving lots of school needs unmet.

With backing from BV Investment Partners, SchoolMint is filling that void by building an integrated, sustainable platform for districts, charters, and schools. Our mission? To help all schools attract, enroll, and engage students with delightful and insightful products.

Our Head Navigators

Great Locations. Great People.

Our 5 Core Values


No Jerks, Period.

Respect our customers and each other. Assume positive intent. Accept differences. Listen, help and treat everyone with respect.

Kindness is our core.


We Not Me.

Do things that help others shine, their success is your success. Collaborate, communicate, celebrate together. Nobody can do it alone. It takes a village.

Teamwork prevails.


Be Heroic.

Heroes inspire action. We are solving real problems in education. View every customer interaction as an opportunity to delight. Know your product. Go above and beyond.

Everyone has the power to be a Hero.


Bring Your Whole Self to Work.

We value diversity and respect everyone’s opinions and views. Your unique perspective is your superpower. Show it off.


Embrace and Drive change.

The bright years ahead require evolution, adaptation, and change. Embrace it. Drive it. Grow deep roots of optimism.

Fortune favors the brave.

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Blue Ribbon Sponsor

As part of our commitment to urban public education, SchoolMint is proud to serve on the Blue Ribbon Corporate Advisory Group of the Council of Great City Schools.

System of Great Schools

As an advisor member of the System of Great Schools Technical Assistance Network, SchoolMint supports districts engaged in designing high-quality schools.

Urban Superintendents Association of America

Atlantic National Superintendents Academy



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