Outreach & Marketing

Manage your family outreach and recruitment efforts to make a positive first impression on prospective students and their parents, build interest in your schools and programs, and gain insight into families’ school decisions.

Online Application and Lottery Management System

A Stand-Out First Impression

Many districts and schools are working harder than ever to deliver an excellent experience for families and stand out in a field of greater choices and increased competition.

Easier Access for Families

Parents have easy access to reliable information about the schools and programs available to their children, all from the comfort of their homes or on their mobile devices.

Deeper Insight for Schools

Administrators can manage outreach and recruitment efforts to build interest in schools and programs, gain insight into families’ school decisions, and achieve enrollment goals.

Outreach and Recruitment Management

Connect with Prospective Families

SchoolMint’s Interest Tracker can be used on- or off-line to collect information from prospective families and gain insight into which schools and programs are of interest to them.

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Manage Events and RSVPs

Use SchoolMint to schedule and manage events, track RSVPs, and send communications to prospective families.

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Communicate by Text, Email & Voice

It’s never been easier to send real-time or scheduled messages by email, text, or voice to stay engaged with families as they prepare to enroll their children in school.

Equity, Access, and Transparency for Families

Mobile Access

Parents can access the full SchoolMint experience right from their smartphones, including School Finder, Interest Tracker, email and text communications, and event RSVPs.

Multilingual Translations

SchoolMint’s web solution and apps are fully translated and supported by default in English and in Spanish, with 20+ additional language translations supported as needed.

Trust and Transparency

You can build trust with families by improving access to transparent information about your schools, programs, enrollment processes, and deadlines.

Web Accessibility

The parent experience is designed with Section 508 in mind to ensure that all families have equitable access to schools’ outreach, marketing, and enrollment activities.

School Finder

One-Stop-Shop for Enrollment

Families have a go-to website to learn about designated neighborhood schools, compare choice schools and programs, and find answers to enrollment questions.

Your Strengths on Display

School Finder is a centralized, user-friendly information hub to share curated school and program profiles with families.

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Custom Search Filters

Families can search schools based on a variety of factors such as neighborhood, grade level, before- or after-school care, language programs, and much more.

Zones and Interactive Maps

Parents can easily locate which schools are nearby using maps configured by school zone.

Dashboards, Reports, & Analytics

Recruitment Source Reports

Outreach reports help visualize how specific recruitment efforts, events, and feeder schools translate to new enrollments to optimize outreach.

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Conversion Funnel

View a real-time snapshot of how families are progressing through each step of your outreach and enrollment process, from initial interest to application and registration.

Enrollment Projections

Improve the accuracy of enrollment forecasts by capturing real-time information about parents’ interests and enrollment behaviors, starting earlier in the year.