Partner with SchoolMint

We’re on a mission to improve the PreK-12 school enrollment experience.

At SchoolMint, our focus is on accessible, efficient, and transparent student enrollment experiences for all families. Over 7,000 schools nationwide use SchoolMint for their strategic enrollment process. From family outreach to application, lotteries, and registration and more.

Who do we partner with?

We are looking for opportunities to add joint value for our current and future customers. We establish partnerships with the goal of building data connections with complementary systems, providing useful resources to our schools and families, and improving the overall experience of using SchoolMint.

Our partnerships build on our goal of improving the PreK-12 enrollment experience with a focus on three key areas.


Enabling systems to work together, improving the experience for shared customers.


Building tools and APIs that help support our customers’ growing data and reporting needs.


Developing rich content, webinars, and workshops that expand reach and adoption of our products.

Interested in partnering with SchoolMint?

We’d love to hear from you.