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Ready for a More Efficient District Application Process?

Posted November 8, 2017

The Benefits of a Streamlined Online Application Process – Video Blog

Genny Orr, Product Marketing Manager


In today’s world of open enrollment and school choice, K-12 district administrators are facing new enrollment complexities as the stakes on strategic enrollment management continue to grow. These district and school staff need tools to efficiently manage the piles of applications they receive for intra- and inter-district transfers, magnet and charter schools, and other choice programs. Watch this video to learn how to move your district’s end-to-end-application process online to:

  • Create custom application forms including document uploads, e-signatures, and teacher recommendations;
  • Track student progress through each stage of the application flow in real time;
  • Communicate with families about their applications by email, text, and voice message; and
  • Generate an audit trail to ensure the accuracy and transparency of your application process.



Just as importantly, online enrollment can help districts deliver a more streamlined and accessible enrollment experience for their parents. Watch this video to learn how to support parents through the application process as they:

  • Access applications in their native languages online and on mobile;
  • Complete all forms and uploads on their computers or smartphones, without any printing or scanning; and
  • Receive real-time application status updates and notifications via email, text, and voice message.



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