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Going online with Registration & Re-enrollment Management by SchoolMint saves school organizations invaluable time. Schools can improve form accuracy and cut verifying, validating, and manually entering enrollment data down from days to minutes.

This is next-generation data management.

So long paper. And the frustrations that come with it.

Our online Registration & Re-enrollment Management tool eliminates paper forms by turning all enrollment documents in to smart, web-based packets. Easily customizable through our award-winning interface, our smart forms can accommodate even the most complex requirements with intelligent fields and conditional logical. Plus, if schools have registration fees, the platform automatically accepts them online, removing the burden that checks and over-the-phone payments cause.

The power to plan.

The enrollment conversion funnel reveals the number of students, in real time, as they progress through each stage of the process. School organizations can see, at a glance, how many students are starting enrollment early on, informing how many will actually show up in the fall. Best of all, admins can use those predictive insights to more accurately allocate resources for the year ahead.

Move families along.

Enrollment dashboards also reveal where families fall off or stall in the process. Admins can target those families individually or en masse and nudge them along with a deadline reminder via instant text or email notifications.

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Time is money - Save both

  • When staff spend days going back and forth with paper forms and manual data entry, our online platform cuts that time down to mere minutes. Data gathering and verification is done with one click
  • Switching from paper enrollment could save thousands: when one school with 1,000 students switches to online Registration, their ROI is nearly $14,000 in the first year alone. Calculate how much you could save here.

Done once, Done right

  • Get accurate and complete forms the first time with help from autofilled fields and smart forms that can require certain questions be answered before packets are submitted

Stay in sync

  • Integrate with select Student Information Systems (SIS), ensuring student data is up-to-date, correct, and safe and secure

When families win, schools win

  • Our 99.9999% up-time means families rarely experience a down system when they're trying to enroll, day or night
  • Families with multiple children can manage them all in one account, which eliminates duplicate information on the school’s end

Efficient today, sustainable tomorrow

  • Vastly reduce the time, energy, and paperwork needed of administrators by streamlining the application and admission process
  • Greater visibility establishes a pathway for increased family participation

See Registration & Re-enrollment Management in action.

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A Brighter Tomorrow for Our Partners

My office team loves Schoolmint. The interface is intuitive and highly customizable; the ability to create forms with upload buttons has greatly simplified our record-keeping. Within two years, my school has gone completely paperless for all registrations and re-enrollments!

David Bond, Director of Operations and Enrollment,
North Oakland Community Charter School

Having good and simple online registration was pivotal. We had tried another vendor the year prior with disastrous results. SchoolMint helped build what we wanted and pushes the data to PowerSchool (including to the custom fields we've built in PowerSchool). They continue to improve to product and add great features.

Brad Schneider, Director of Information Technology, Oxford Public Schools

Enrollment is a family’s first impression of a district and is reflective of how a district operates. We chose to partner with SchoolMint to enhance this process and to provide the efficient, transparent, and accessible system our families deserve.

Ayinde Rudolph, Superintendent, Mountain View Whisman School District

The conversion funnel makes it so much easier to track the entire student enrollment process and see what percentage of families are at each stage. We can break out the funnel by campus and by grade level so that we can easily report out to school administrators and help them figure out what comes next. Having this data even helped us to secure a loan that we needed; the information was all at our fingertips!

Dolores Sendejo, Associate Superintendent, Jubilee Academic Center Texas