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Thursday, June 7 | 10am PST / 1pm ET
Families in your community engage and interact on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And they use their social networks to vet and confirm their decision making, including what school to choose for their kids. In this webinar you’ll learn how to build a social strategy that positions your school as the right choice for families.
Thursday, May 31 | 11am PST / 2pm ET
Summer can be make or break time for student enrollment. Do you have a strategy? In this webinar you’ll learn battle-tested techniques from the nation’s leading charter networks to help you hit your enrollment goals. All attendees will receive a copy of the Charter School Growth Fund’s Student Enrollment Playbook.

Customer Stories


Mobile: Education's Final Equitable Frontier

In their January report, The Brookings Institution is arguing that 5G is capable of being the great equitizer for communities of color. Fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks, set to soon deploy, are the next advancement in mobile broadband, replacing 4G LTE technology. Not only faster, 5G is much more capable of handling large amounts of data.
January 16, 2019

A bright year ahead

First and foremost, I hope everyone enjoyed some wonderful quality time with family and friends over the holidays. This new year was an especially important one for me because it capped off an incredibly exciting year in our organization.
January 2, 2019

Want to close the opportunity gap? Presentation matters.

One of the promises of school choice is that the freedom it creates is supposed to benefit all families, opening up new pathways for underserved or disadvantaged groups. But historically, that hasn't always been the case.
December 3, 2018