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Account Management Assistance

Guidance for creating an account, resetting/retrieving a username or password, adding another guardian or student, and more
Account Help

Registration & Re-enrollment Guidance

How to re-enroll with an access code or the app, how to register a new student, help uploading files, and more
Registration Guidance

Mobile App Troubleshooting

Guidance for re-enrolling, applying, or setting up an account with the SchoolMint mobile app
Mobile APP Assistance

School Application Assistance

How to accept/decline an offer or submit a school application, waitlist questions, and more
Application help

En Español

Como enviar una solicitud con el app de SchoolMint y más
Asistencia en Español

Hero Basics for Families

Setting up a parent/guardian or student account in Hero, using your Activation Key, logging in, and more
Help with Hero

Family Help Center

Browse videos, how-to guides, and more resources.
Guided self-help


Families can email questions to
Email Us


Families can call 855.957.3535 for technical support.