School Choice & Open Enrollment

SchoolMint offers enrollment solutions that transform the family and staff experience in school districts that offer school choice programs, including open enrollment.

Customized for Your School Choice Process

Fulfilling the Promise of School Choice

As school options multiply, families across the country face a more complicated process to choose, apply, and enroll in public schools – whether a traditional district school, a magnet school, a charter school, or another school option in an increasing array of choices.

School districts across the country are looking for ways to improve and expand their school choice programs and to increase participation in those programs. High participation in choice programs requires easy, equitable access to information on high quality school options, a fair, transparent, and simple enrollment process, and a centralized data and reporting system to monitor demand – to name a few.

Comprehensive and Flexible Enrollment Solutions

We’ll build a fully integrated school choice enrollment management solution around your school district’s requirements, or we can configure individual modules as you need them:


SchoolMint’s School Finder


Equity and Transparency via Mobile

This mobile-friendly search tool ensures all parents have access to the information they need to make informed decisions and manage their student’s school choices — the first step in equitable access to a quality education.

school info profiles

Local School Information

School Finder is designed to include the information you need to provide to parents, including school and class size, offerings, ratings, extracurricular programs, and parent reviews.

custom search filters school chooser

Custom Search Filters

You can customize the filters to include any search terms you wish. Families can search schools based on a variety of factors such as neighborhood, grade level, before- or after-school care, and language programs.

interactive maps

Zones and Interactive Maps

School zones are configured into interactive maps so parents can see which schools are nearby and what transportation options may be available.

Application Management


Mobile and Multilingual

Parents can complete applications, upload required documents, check application status, and accept offers through a mobile and multilingual application that meets local families’ needs.  Available in close to 20 languages.


Lottery & Assignments

SchoolMint’s lottery tool makes it easy to configure multiple lotteries that incorporate various preferences, timelines, and applicant types. Lottery rules and priorities are customizable and run by a secure computer algorithm, assuring an equitable, tamper-proof process.


Waitlist Management

Waitlists are dynamically updated and managed using lottery preferences. Applicants are automatically moved up and down the waitlist based on the school’s rules and priorities. Families can accept or decline an offer through their own device at any time.


Family Communications

Communicate with parents through email, text message, or voice messages, using custom created templates. Communications can be sent at real-time or scheduled for a specific time to notify parents about upcoming application deadlines or make offers.



Parents can apply for inter/intra district transfers to another school. The transfer application system can be customized to the district’s unique policies and requirements. Parent notifications and staff reporting are available for application monitoring and communications.

School Registration and Re-Enrollment

school registration and re-enrollment

All Registration Forms in One Place

Parents complete registration requirements and upload all required documents — permissions, proof of address, health records, and any others — into one system, from their own smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Customized Preferences

SchoolMint configures every aspect of your registration and re-enrollment process directly into the system, with your logos and colors. You can even set up your forms to display in another language to meet local families’ needs.

Automatic Alerts

Notifications can be sent automatically by email, text, or voice message so parents always know when their registration has been processed.
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SIS Integration

send student information to SIS automatically
SchoolMint integrates directly with leading student information systems (SIS) and is designed for smooth two-way data exchange with all others. By tapping into the power of APIs and building in data quality checks, SchoolMint helps keep student data synchronized and up to date while minimizing data duplication and errors.