School Choice & Open Enrollment

Transform the family and staff enrollment experience in your district with configurable school applications, transfer requests, lotteries, and waitlists. SchoolMint can support your end-to-end school choice and enrollment process whether you offer open enrollment, magnet school programs, charter or private school options, or centralized enrollment.

Tailored to Your School Choice and Enrollment Process

Fulfilling the Promise of School Choice

Families today face a growing range of opportunities to choose a best fit school from among multiple options – whether traditional district schools, magnet schools, charter schools, or other choice programs. Meanwhile, school districts are looking to deliver a student enrollment process that ensures equitable access to quality school options.

Comprehensive and Flexible Enrollment Solutions

SchoolMint’s fully integrated school choice enrollment management solution can be configured to meet your school district’s needs, including:

School Finder

Equity and Transparency via Mobile

This mobile-friendly search tool ensures all parents have access to the information they need to make informed school decisions, starting before enrollment even begins.

Custom Search Filters

Families can search schools based on a variety of factors such as neighborhood, grade level, before- or after-school care, language programs, extracurriculars, and much more.

One-Stop-Shop for Enrollment

Families have a go-to website to learn about their assigned neighborhood school, compare choice schools and programs, and find answers to their enrollment questions.

Zones and Interactive Maps

School zones are configured into interactive maps so that parents can easily see which schools are nearby and what transportation options may be available.

Application and Transfer Management

Mobile and Multilingual

Parents can complete applications, upload documents, check application statuses, and accept offers through a mobile and multilingual app. Translations are available in close to 20 languages, with English and Spanish by default.

Family Communications

Schools can communicate with parents year-round through email, text message, and/or voice message. Communications can be sent in real-time or scheduled for later to notify parents about upcoming deadlines or make offers.

Lottery & Assignments

Customizable lotteries make it easy to configure multiple lotteries with different preferences, timelines, and applicant types. Lotteries are run by a secure computer algorithm, assuring an equitable, tamper-proof process. 

Waitlist Management

Waitlists are dynamically updated according to your specific lottery design and priorities. Families can accept or decline offers from their computers or mobile devices, and applicants are moved up and down the waitlist automatically.


Parents can request transfers to other schools within or outside their district, according to your open enrollment or transfer policies. Parent notifications and staff reporting are available to help manage transfer requests.

Reporting & Analytics

Administrators can visualize how students are moving through the enrollment flow in real time using actionable maps, charts, and tables. Easy-to-use reports reduce manual work and improve the accuracy and integrity of student data.

School Registration and Re-Enrollment

Custom Registration Forms and Packets

Administrators design registration forms with text boxes, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, rankings, and other field formats, then combine forms into custom registration and re-enrollment packets. Changes can be made on the fly, anytime.

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Online and Mobile Access for Families

Parents complete registration requirements and upload all required documents — permissions, proof of address, health records, and any others — into one system, from their own smartphones, tablets, or computers.

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Automatic Alerts

Notifications can be sent automatically by email, text, or voice message so that parents always know when their registration has been processed.