SIS Integration

SchoolMint integrates with leading student information system (SIS) providers like PowerSchool, eSchoolPlus (SunGard), Chalkable, Skyward, Aeries, Aspen (Follett), Illuminate, Infinite Campus, Alma and others to ensure the data transfer between your student enrollment system and your SIS is seamless and simple.

Online Application and Lottery Management System

Data Quality & Integrity

Keep your data secure and up to date across your systems. SchoolMint can integrate with your student information system (SIS), so you’ll enhance the quality and integrity of all your data, optimize data transfer, and improve efficiency in your operations.

We set up your integration according to your systems, requirements, and desired data exchange frequency — no matter how many schools and sites you have. SchoolMint SIS integrations include built-in data quality checks for duplicates, incomplete data, and invalid data.

Seamless Data Integration

Your data is captured in SchoolMint in a way that mirrors the structure of your SIS, so data transfer between systems is simple and seamless. When you build custom forms, you can map fields to align with any data fields from your SIS that you need to collect or show in the form.

We also support custom mapping to align with any other fields, including state-specific fields, you may need to include. SchoolMint uses the exact field size and restrictions that are applied in the SIS to keep things in sync.

SchoolMint even supports single sign-on with platforms like Google and Clever, so your parents and administrators can access their applications with just one username and password.

The Power of APIs

Everything in SchoolMint — all data and documents from applications, registrations, and any other digital forms you use all year, across any number of schools — can map to your SIS.

SchoolMint integrates directly with the leading SIS providers through API, or application programming interface. By tapping into the power of an API, automated two-way exchanges with your SIS regularly synchronize any new updates and changes to data.

Even if you work with a less-common SIS provider, you’ll still be able to easily exchange data with your SIS through data import/export via SFTP or CSV interface.

Committed to Student Privacy

SchoolMint has signed the Student Privacy Pledge and is committed to responsible stewardship and safeguarding of students’ personal information.