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From outreach and marketing tools to SIS integration, our Software and Service Add-ons are just some of the extra ways we help districts and schools be more sustainable.

Software Add-ons:

Extra Product Power

We're always enhancing our products so the educators who use them can achieve even more. In fact, many of our Software Add-ons were inspired by the needs of customers across the country.

Outreach Events & RSVPs

Manage open houses, school fairs, and other outreach events end-to-end with our Event Management tool. Easily schedule and administer all your events in one user-friendly online portal, while tracking RSVPs in real time and sending text/email communications to prospective families.

Interest Tracker

Gain helpful visibility into how families feel about their school options, long before they make their final decision, with Interest Tracker. Designed to connect school organizations with prospective families, this innovative tool allows for family engagement during the school exploration process. And with powerful reporting capabilities, Interest Tracker measures the impact of an organization’s outreach and recruitment efforts, shedding light on the best fiscal use of marketing dollars.

School Profiles

Educators now have one more place to market their schools and help close the information gap. School Profiles, an add-on to our Application & Lottery Management tool, lets organizations show detailed information about all their schools right inside the portal families use to apply. This in-application feature helps families research and discover all the schools that suit them.

Letters of Recommendation

Collect letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors on behalf of students. Recommenders are notified by email and can submit letters through a secure, online form.

Fee Payments

Invoice families and accept payments for any school fee with our built-in payment processor. Families always know what’s due and can pay using their mobile device.

Year-round Forms

Take our smart form offerings beyond the enrollment packet with Year-round Forms. Create, distribute, track, and analyze field trips, athletic permissions, and other forms online. Autofill, address validation, conditional logic, and mobile-friendly document uploads and e-signatures are all included.

Voice Calls

Send families an automated or ad hoc voice call along with any email/text message. Voice calls can be delivered to groups of students or individuals.

Custom Reports

Need help generating advanced reports for your school board? Or need enrollment data reported in a unique way to secure funding? We’re happy to help you create any custom report you need.

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Service Add-ons:

More Benefits for Your Buck

Our extra Service Add-ons go above and beyond for our customers, so they can do the same for their families.

SIS Integration

Our enrollment products support data sharing with leading Student Information System (SIS) providers, via import/export or direct API integration. Let our dedicated team of professionals work closely with your IT personnel to optimize student data in one system across applications. You’ll gain insights, data views, and reporting of information that’s actionable, trusted, and secure.


Full translation support, for up to 18 different languages, is available across all our enrollment products. This includes both core system data and custom text (forms, emails, or SMS messages, for instance). Multilingual access improves the experience for non-native English speakers and helps schools and districts better meet compliance and civil rights obligations.

Professional Services

Our incredible customer success team is always available during implementation and after for general assistance. However, if you need additional post-implementation training, lottery design consultations, or any other special service, we’re happy to help.

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