SchoolMint Enrollment Solutions

Bring your student enrollment, school choice management, and communications online.
  • Automate all student enrollment processes with one mobile-friendly solution.
    SchoolMint’s customizable end-to-end enrollment software provides a user-friendly experience that empowers staff and parents, boosts operational efficiency, and provides visibility into real time enrollment data for better tracking and planning.


    Online Application and Lottery Management

    Manage online application and lotteries
    Automate school application, lottery, and waitlist management to save money, boost efficiency, streamline enrollment, and improve the experience for parents and staff. Make it easy for parents to apply to the schools through their smartphones or online.  Staff gets better visibility into enrollment data to adjust plans and fill seats more effectively.
    • Customize application forms.
    • Parents complete applications and manage offers using their smartphones.
    • Run transparent lotteries based on your priorities and rules.
    • Automate waitlists and track open seats in real time.
    • Run reports and integrate application data with your SIS.


    Online Registration and Re-Enrollment

    School Registration and Enrollment Re-Enrollment
    Power your PreK-12 school’s new and returning student registration with a fully customizable software platform. Bring your forms and processes online for greater efficiency and real time access to rich data through reports and analytics. Use mobile registration apps to ease the burden on working parents and those who don’t have broadband access at home.
    • Manage registration forms and process fees online.
    • Parents can register students through a mobile app.
    • Re-enroll returning students with auto-populated forms.
    • Track registration status and enrollment stats in real time.
    • Synchronize registration data with student data in your SIS.


    Unified Enrollment and School Choice

    Take School Registration Online | SchoolMint
    Streamline school choice and promote educational equity with an automated system for unified enrollment across district, charter, and private schools. Customized for your school system’s needs, SchoolMint is a fully integrated solution that adheres to your processes, priorities, and deadlines while offering parents a simplified and transparent way to gain access to quality schools for their children.
    • Families have mobile access to detailed information about local schools.
    • One common application is submitted online to apply to multiple schools.
    • Run lotteries securely and populate waitlists automatically.
    • Parents use the mobile app to register their student after they’ve accepted an offer.
    • Keep all data unified with custom SIS integrations.


    Digital Forms and Document Management

    Forms and Documents
    Create and administer any forms online — not just application and registration forms — and upload and store student documents in a secure cloud environment. With SchoolMint’s intuitive tools, you can easily build custom forms and assemble packets of forms based on the information you need to collect and manage.
    • Create custom forms using easy form-building functionality.
    • Parents use their own mobile devices to complete and submit forms online.
    • Student documents are scanned, uploaded, and securely stored and accessed.
    • Track forms completion and send notifications to parents through the communications portal.


    Student Enrollment Data and SIS Integration

    send student information to SIS automatically
    SchoolMint’s student enrollment software integrates directly with leading student information systems (SIS) and is designed for smooth export and import with all others. By tapping into the power of APIs and capturing data in a way that mirrors SIS structure, SchoolMint helps unify student data and keep it up to date. Your SIS integration even has built-in data quality checks to help prevent duplicates and incomplete or invalid data.