School Automation Solutions

Bring your family outreach, student enrollment, and school choice management online.

  • Family Outreach & Marketing

    Manage and track your family outreach to build interest in your schools and programs. Help families stay informed by making it easier for them to access transparent information and compare schools and programs, all before the enrollment process begins. Generate analytics and reporting to gain insight into families’ school decisions, fine-tune your recruitment strategies, and achieve your enrollment goals.

    • Manage outreach events, scheduling, and RSVPs.
    • Share curated school and program information with families.
    • Provide a go-to, accessible website for school exploration.
    • Communicate with prospective families via email and text message.
    • Evaluate the impact of recruiting events, sources, and activities.

    Online Application & Lottery Management

    Automate school applications, lotteries, and waitlists to save costs and staff time and improve transparency. Improve access for families by making it easier for parents to apply to the schools that are best suited for their children and get the information they need through their smartphones. Gain visibility into your data to improve planning.

    • Create custom application forms and packets.
    • Manage forms and view analytics online, in real time.
    • Allow parents to complete forms and manage offers from their smartphones.
    • Run transparent lotteries based on your priorities and rules.
    • Access dynamic, self-updating waitlists and notifications.

    School Choice & Open Enrollment

    Support a better enrollment experience for families with an online process configured to your school system’s needs. Whatever school choice or open enrollment options you offer, SchoolMint is a fully integrated solution that expands parents’ access to quality schools for their children, while reducing redundant work for administrators.

    • Provide families with detailed information about their school options.
    • Support within- and cross-district school transfers online.
    • Track common applications across multiple schools.
    • Manage unified enrollment including an "offer optimizer."
    • Run lotteries securely and populate waitlists automatically.

    Registration Management

    Power online registration and re-enrollment to save countless hours assembling paper registration packets and manually entering and cleaning data. View your registration progress in real time through rich data dashboards. Use mobile registration to ease the burden on busy parents and ensure access for those without computers or broadband access at home.

    • Create custom registration and re-enrollment packets.
    • Verify registration documents and identify missing items.
    • Manage registration forms and process fees online.
    • Support families with seamless mobile registration.
    • Synchronize registration data with student data in your SIS.

    Digital Forms and Documents

    Create and administer any forms online — not just application and registration forms — and store student documents in a secure cloud environment for real-time access. Parents can use their mobile devices or computers to complete forms more quickly, submit e-signatures, scan or photograph student documents, and upload them securely.

    • Create and edit custom forms using a flexible Form Builder.
    • Add field formats including text boxes, multiple choice, dropdowns, and rankings.
    • Combine forms into packets for specific schools or grades.
    • Allow families to submit forms, document uploads, and e-signatures from their phones.
    • Track forms completion and send notifications to parents.

    SIS Integration

    SchoolMint integrates directly with leading student information systems (SIS) and is designed for smooth two-way data exchange with all others. By tapping into the power of APIs and building in data quality checks, SchoolMint helps keep student data synchronized and up to date while minimizing data duplication and errors.

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