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As the world of K-12 education changes, so too do our nation’s schools. At SchoolMint, we partner with some of the leading districts and charter organizations, solving their most challenging problems with powerful technology – and next-generation ideas. Together, we're making the future not just possible but brighter than before.

Strategic Enrollment Management

Families are changing how they think about school enrollment. And it’s time for education leaders to do the same. Mirroring the successful way higher education has worked for years, Strategic Enrollment Management stabilizes enrollment by generating demand year-round. This is about improving equity, and the enrollment experience, so schools can thrive.


School Climate & Culture

How safe the hallways feel. How students interact with each other and with adults. All of this can define a school's culture. And all of it can be changed – for good. A cohesive student behavior improvement solution, Hero helps transform school climate and culture, creating environments where students, families, teachers, and staff want to be.

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Unified Enrollment

This is one promising, big idea – capable of solving some of education’s toughest challenges. When futures seem uncertain, Unified Enrollment is the bright path forward. It’s districts and charter organizations working together, assigning students to the schools they want to go to – all on a citywide level.


Behind every powerful solution is an inspiring education leader, changing the game. See how our partners are solving incredible challenges.

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