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Fill seats. At every stage. By making access equal.

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) starts long before students actually register for school. Mirroring the successful way higher education has worked for years, SEM stabilizes enrollment by generating demand year-round.


Show them your schools are where they can – and want to – be.

First, inform.

A centralized online hub or platform for school information helps inform the families who otherwise wouldn’t know about choice or how to exercise it.

Mobile-friendly materials equitize access for low-income families who depend on cellphones to get online.

Then, control the conversation.

An online platform with school profiles helps actively market programs/schools and highlights exactly what families are looking for.

Multichannel, multilingual family supports mean you’re speaking everyone’s language.


Make it easy. Make it fair.

Give every student the chance to apply.

Online applications remove the transportation barriers that low-income families face when applications must be picked up/dropped off.

Mobile-friendly formats improve access for cellphone-dependent families.

Know you’re selecting students fairly. And make sure the community knows it too.

Lotteries with sandbox environments let you test priorities before they’re run.

Transparent application portals let families track their status, reassuring them the process is fair.


21st century remedies.

Phone number sign-on opens up participation for immigrants and other families who don’t have email.

Mobile document uploads are a time- and transportation-saving game-changer for working families.


Keep in constant touch.

When families feel supported, they engage year after year.

Automated text, email, and phone communications maintain awareness in the channels families prefer.

With data, the future’s trending up.

Strategic Enrollment Management creates the increased engagement and stability you need to grow.
And it generates the data to show you how.

Accurate Forecasting

Data-rich conversion funnels reveal how students are progressing from application to registration, making predictions possible – months in advance.

Operational Sustainability

Predictive and real-time enrollment data allows for proactive personnel and facility planning.

Program Guidance

Application traffic highlights demand for schools and programs, showing you what to replicate or reconsider.

Equity Delivered

Responsive tools make accommodations for diverse students possible – driving up participation rates.

Financial Security

Back up budget allocation with hard numbers – and let data patterns safely guide your big decisions.

A Shining Light of Success: New London Public Schools

Short on funding and facing a state takeover, the Connecticut district of New London needed to grow enrollment to survive. After a few years of Strategic Enrollment Management, the district has now grown enrollment by 18%. And their future is much more financially sound.

Read their Story

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