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Track School Recruitment ROI with an Applicant Lead Tracker

Posted August 4, 2014

SchoolMint’s Interest Tracker Helps Schools Improve Marketing and Recruitment

The past decade has seen a dramatic rise in school choice nationwide. For example, charter schools as a percentage of all public schools increased from 3.1% to 6.6% between 2003-04 and 2013-14. Meanwhile, many districts and cities are integrating school choice into their common application or unified enrollment systems. In this context, districts and charters alike must learn to deliver more effective marketing and recruitment strategies, including accurately tracking interest from prospective students and families.

SchoolMint’s Interest Tracker is a premium feature to help schools manage their growth more effectively by providing a short interest form that parents can fill out from their laptop or mobile device.  This Interest Tracker can help school and district personnel answer questions like:

  • What are our most efficient acquisition sources?
  • What are our most effective events?
  • Which are the most important schools to recruit from?

The answers to these questions can meaningfully inform decision-making around recruitment, budgeting, academic and operational planning, and other key strategic questions.

The interest form is easy to fill out:

interest form for family interest tracker


School admins can then view an online report of these form submissions to follow up with parents via Email or SMS:

interested families report


With the Interest Tracker, SchoolMint gives actionable insights to schools by answering questions such as:

– What are our most efficient acquisition sources?
recruitment by aquisition source


– What are our most effective events?
recruiting by event


INTERESTED TO LEARN MORE? SchoolMint is here to help your school organization grow, and our Interest Tracker is just the beginning! Contact us or check out our webinars to learn more.

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