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Posted March 9, 2017
Supporting Families with Unified Enrollment: Profile on Camden City School District
For Camden Enrollment, a unified enrollment system for all public and charter schools in Camden, NJ, providing family support and empowering parents is a top priority. By introducing a hotline and enrollment centers throughout the city, families have access to support throughout the application process.

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Introduction to Unified Enrollment for K12 School Systems

Faced with the number and variety of schools available today, parents must make difficult decisions about which is best for their child. To help simplify the decision-making process, more schools around the nation are beginning to unify their enrollment systems by creating a common application or implementing a full unified enrollment system.

It's Complicated: Explaining Unified Enrollment to Families

What exactly is unified enrollment? Although the idea seems simple, explaining how a unified enrollment system works can get complicated. Need help? See what you can learn from the innovative approaches taken in Camden and Washington D.C.
Aryan Bocquet, My School DC

Focus on the Field: Engaging Families and Your Community

Many cities across the country are unifying their enrollment in an effort to simplify the application and lottery process for parents. We sat down with Aryan Bocquet, the founding Parent Engagement Manager for My School DC, to pick her brain about best practices in parent outreach.

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