Build a Strong Charter School Brand

Thursday, June 21
10am PST / 1pm ET
Matt Cheuvront
CEO of Proof Branding

Increase funding, recruit top-tier talent, and bolster enrollment through the power of your story.

In order to grow, your charter school must capture the attention, interest, and support of families in your community as well as potential investors. Your ability to concisely communicate your brand story can inspire action, or leave supporters feeling unsure of your future direction.

Learn the core components to building a strong charter school brand that communicates your unique story and sets you apart from competitors.

Join Matt Cheuvront, CEO of Proof Branding and author of Build A Strong Charter School Brand, as he takes you through the framework and process of brand building.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Define your brand’s unique declaration
  • Identify the foundation for your brand: what you do best and who’s it for
  • Craft a clear and concise message that articulates what you offer

All attendees will be provided with free access to Matt’s book, Build a Strong Charter School Brand.

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