Reinventing Student Registration Management

Reinventing Student Registration Management Webinar
Thursday, February 8
11am PT / 2pm ET
Genny Orr
Product Marketing Manager

The annual student registration process is a stressful and time-consuming time, filled with an endless parade of forms circulating throughout homes and school offices. In today’s world where everything is online, shouldn’t your enrollment process be caught up with the times? Join us as we explore the power and simplicity of bringing your registration and re-enrollment process online, enhancing the family experience and ensuring data accuracy from the start.

During this webinar and live Q&A, we’ll explore using technology to address major pain points in the student enrollment process.

You will learn how to: 

  • Empower families with a mobile, multilingual registration process
  • Effectively communicate with families via email, text, or voice
  • Create and manage custom forms and document uploads online
  • Monitor the registration process through analytics and reports
  • Enable the accurate transfer of student enrollment data via SIS integration

Target Audience:

Administrators and staff from school districts and charter schools who are interested in streamlining the end-to-end student enrollment experience, resulting in increased efficiency, a better family experience, and greater enrollment insights.

This webinar is intended for those unfamiliar with SchoolMint. For parents and SchoolMint users who need support, please visit our support page.