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How Better Customer Service Can Stabilize Enrollment

BY The SchoolMint Collective

In San Leandro, CA, something interesting is happening. Despite the highly competitive choice landscape around them, despite previous struggles with declining enrollment — they’re flourishing. Why? It’s all because they’ve transformed themselves into a “customer service-oriented district” — stabilizing enrollment and bringing in an added $4 million as a result.

Now, district leaders are explaining why customer service is so important, why it’s the right thing to do for families right now, and how it’s keeping their families enrolling in their schools (and the revenue flowing).

In this talk, you’ll learn the 5 Areas Where You Can Provide Better Customer Service and gain:

  • Perspective from district leaders who turned five years of declining enrollment into three years of positive enrollment growth
  • Explanation of how San Leandro USD brought $4 million of added revenue to the midsized district
  • Inside look at the district’s strategic plan that made stable enrollment growth possible
  • Strategies that are completely replicable by any school organization

Rabinder Mangewala, Senior Director at San Leandro USD
Tim Waldron, Vice President of Partnerships at SchoolMint