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Effective Family Outreach to Kick-Start Your Enrollment Process

BY The SchoolMint Collective

While a growing number of families have access to open enrollment and school choice, many face challenges accessing the information they need to select the best fit school for their child. Districts and charter schools alike are focusing on family outreach to highlight the strengths of their schools and programs and empower parents to make informed decisions. Join us to learn about tips and tools that will help you make a positive first impression on families and get a head start on your enrollment process.

During this webinar and live Q&A, we’ll explore how you can use SchoolMint’s outreach and marketing tools to expand your reach to more families, empower families to make more informed decisions, and help you stand out in a field of greater choices.

Learn how to:

  • Capture family interest and contact information using Interest Tracker
  • Communicate with prospective families via email, text, or voice
  • Expand access to school information with School Finder
  • Drive engagement and inform families about upcoming district and school events
  • Track marketing impact through analytics and custom reports

This webinar is intended for district staff and administrators.

Resources for parents can be found here.