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Shaping What’s Said About Your Schools Online in 3 Steps

BY The SchoolMint Collective

The online bad review: everyone gets one or two. But sometimes, negative comments don’t seem to matter all that much. Bad reviews carry less weight when they’re muted – when all kinds of positive pictures, details, facts, and answers surround them.

Today, conversations about school organizations are happening online. Some are more positive than others, and sometimes, it’s because education leaders are making them that way. In this webinar, we talk with Andrew Palmer, Director of Student Information Services at Colorado’s Weld County School District 6, about how his district is going online to spread information and build positive perceptions about its schools.

With this talk, you’ll learn how to take these three steps:

  1. Provide the information and answers families are searching for online – in a cost-effective way
  2. Influence opinions about your schools in your community
  3. Start building relationships online through engagement

Start shaping the conversation about your schools and watch now.


Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer
Director of Student Information Services, Weld County School District 6, Colorado
Tim Waldron

Tim Waldron
VP of Partnerships, SchoolMint
Erica Toews

Erica Toews
Product Manager, SchoolMint