SchoolMint helps schools and families manage the admissions and communications process, simply and securely.

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For Schools



Online Application and Registration Forms (Web & Mobile)

Accept your custom application and registration forms online and on mobile – created using our form builder with features like “autofill” sparing parents from filling out the same information twice. Easily view all the applications received, and verify parent addresses using our automated address verification tool. We also automatically determine the district boundaries your applicants reside in.

Selection and Admissions (Zones, Assigned schools, Lottery, School Choice)

Manage your Organization’s admissions process, whether it is by district boundaries, zone, lottery, school match, or interviews. You can customize the admissions process for your district / CMO, or even for your individual schools. Also, you can manage parent’s school choice preferences, as well as the Waitlist for your schools

SIS Integration

SchoolMint integrates directly with the Student Information System of your choice. We save a lot of time and reduce data errors by allowing you to synch your students’ enrollment and re-enrollment with SISs like Powerschool, Infinite Campus, SchoolMaster, Illuminate, and others.


SchoolMint provides you with a different types of reports and allows you to create your own custom reports. Get reports on applications numbers, duplicate applications, sibling applicants, inactive applications, family demographics, registration tracking and more.


SchoolMint provides a full suite of options to make communicating with parents easier using Automated Emails, Text Messages and Automated Phone Calls. Send organization-wide messages or school-specific messages to parents. Messages can be sent to an individual or to a group of parents based on their application status.

Administrative Accounts

SchoolMint provides a robust Admin Portal for managing enrollment. Easily add users and give them organization-wide access or limit them to one or multiple schools.

Enrollment Tracking and Predictive Analytics

SchoolMint provides you with predictive analytics and reports to smartly manage enrollment and meet your enrollment goals while tracking how you are progressing week to week and month to month.

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For Families

Single Account

Families can login to a single account to submit applications and view statuses for multiple children across multiple schools.


Families can receive important messages via email, text message and automated phone calls. Families can also check their application status using the SchoolMint iPhone, iPad or Android apps.


Families can fill out, upload, and submit all of their registration or re-enrollment forms online using their home computer or mobile device.

Mobile Access for Parents

More than 50% of our parents use Native iOS and Android apps on their phones and tablet to submit applications, check an application’s status, and complete registration without access to a computer.

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